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AI in Neuroscience - Helping Better Understand the Brain

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How AI Helps Doctors Save Lives

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AI UX | Make Machines Help Humans

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AI and Space Exploration

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Case Studies


Even the most skilled and experienced cardiologist can only make an accurate diagnosis three out of four times. For other physicians, the accuracy rate is closer to one in two. Intel® Saffron™ AI analyzed 10,000 attributes of an electrocardiogram and increased the accuracy of heart disease diagnosis to 90 percent.


The insurance industry is a lucrative target for fraud. Using AI “reason by similarity analysis,” which looks for similarities and patterns in claims, insurance industry investigators illuminate previously invisible patterns. Within 10 hours of set up, Intel® Saffron™ platform found multiple scams valued at more than $2.4 million a year in losses.


When parts break down, manufacturers can lose thousands of dollars per minute. Fero Labs collaborated with Intel to accelerate machine learning models that keep robots running, reduce material costs, and improve product quality. A typical factory can expect millions in yearly savings with this AI platform powered by Intel.


Farmers use big data to protect crops from pests, identify plant disease threats, arm themselves with data about what will grow best on a particular parcel of land, and use machine learning to train farm equipment to remove weeds and monitor plant health.

Law Enforcement

A 25-person team searching for missing children receives about 22,000 tips daily. Using AI to analyze cases, the organization will be able to get leads to the right authorities faster.


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NLP Architect

Version 0.3 Release

Intel® AI Lab is excited to release a set of new features for NLP Architect in  version 0.3 of the library. 

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Open Source Tensor Compiler

Now that Vertex.AI has joined Intel’s Artificial Intelligence Products Group, we are pleased to reintroduce the PlaidML open source tensor compiler.

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OpenVINO™ Model Server

Product Manager

When executing inference operations, AI practitioners need an efficient way to integrate components that delivers great performance at scale while providing a simple interface between application and execution engine.

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Powerful silicon to handle the broadest range of AI workloads, including deep learning.

This new class of hardware is a purpose-built neural processing unit (NPU) for the most intensive deep-learning training and inference.

Real-time, programmable acceleration for deep learning inference workloads.

Cutting edge solutions for deploying on-device neural networks and computer vision applications at ultra-low power.

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