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The Challenger

You may know us for our processors. But we do so much more. Intel invents at the boundaries of technology to make amazing experiences possible for business and society, and for every person on earth.

Harnessing the capability of the cloud, the ubiquity of the Internet of Things, the latest advances in memory and programmable solutions, and the promise of always-on 5G connectivity, Intel is disrupting industries and solving global challenges.


Intel's Challenge


If you had the knowledge, tools, or skills to create AI technology, what would you do?

Submit a product or service idea that utilizes AI to benefit one or more of the following fields: Health, Senior Care, Education, Autonomous  Driving, Manufacturing 4.0 and/or Art.


*Your idea must follow certain criteria

Remember, you have Intel's technology at your disposal, specifically Neural AI sticks, FPGA and AIPG.

This Challenge gives you the opportunity to make a huge global impact on society by getting the power of Intel's world-wide operation behind your idea.

The Solvers

You. This competition is open for all students, from every field of education and from any higher education institute.


Maybe "Artificial Intelligence" sounds like it's just for techies... 


But bear with us!


It will all become clear in a minute.

Lecturers, make The Challenge part of your course!


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artificial intelligence 

"What is It?"


First Things First—What Exactly is AI?

While there are a lot of different ways to think about AI and a lot of different techniques to approach it, the key to machine intelligence is that it must be able to sense, reason, and act, then adapt based on experience.​​ 

Intelligent machines can...

Sense and recognize objects and concepts, reason and make a plan, recommend or initiate action, and adapt based on experience.

What would you do with AI?

We want your best idea!

"When do i start?"



Dec. 19

Registration Opens

Sign up solo or with a team. Just complete a short registration process to show us you're interested in participating. You can submit your idea any time until the end of the competition. Sign Up Here

Dec. 23 - Jan. 3

Guest Lectures

All of the participating institutions will host guest lectures in some of their courses. They'll talk about some of the amazing tasks AI can accomplish and get you excited about submitting your own ideas.



Do you have the knowledge, tools, or skills to create AI technology? Join us for a hackathon at BGU where you can meet other students and work on building a prototype of your idea! Students who come to the hackathon will have extra time to submit their idea.

May 5

Final date to submit your idea!

Tell us, in a couple of paragraphs, your best idea that answers our question – how do you reimagine AI? If you had the knowledge, tools, or skills needed to create AI technologies, what would you create? Submit your idea here


Finalists announced

The 8 finalists will work hard on perfecting their proposals and creating a pitch to present to the judging committee. The Bengis Center’s team will provide guidance throughout the entire process and will assist you in creating a complete presentable pitch.

Final Event

After progressing to the final stage and perfecting your presentation, it’s time to reveal your idea to the world and generate some buzz in a grand finale! At the end of the evening, the judges will announce the winners, who will receive the amazing prizes we're offering. The event will take place at Intel's offices in Haifa. Check out the previous Challenge finale


"Oh my god, i want that!"



8 teams will qualify for the prestigious finale that will take place at Intel's offices in Haifa. The judges of this competition will be both representatives of academia and Intel's senior leaders. All finalists will receive a small token of appreciation.


Out of the 8 finalists, 3 will be chosen as winners and will receive the following prizes from Intel:

(The prize money will be split between all team members)




12,000 NIS




10,000 NIS

12,000 NIS




8,000 NIS

"how do i make them choose me?"

Judging Criteria


The more developed and refined the solution, the better the chance of qualifying for the finale. 

Social impact – Contribution to humanity (including, but not limited to Health & Life Sciences, Telecommunications, Energy, etc.) 

Feasibility of implementation

Creativity and innovation

Compatibility with the guidelines of the Challenge

Why "Social Impact"?

"Intel has a long-standing commitment to corporate responsibility. We set ambitious goals and make strategic investments to drive improvements in environmental sustainability, supply chain responsibility, diversity and inclusion, and social impact.


We are redefining what it means to be an innovator by expanding who has access to technology skills and experiences. Ensuring that the next generation of innovators is empowered, diverse, and inclusive will enable us to harness the full power of technology to create the best future possible for everyone."


This is how we do it.


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