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Is a private establishment of higher education and research. Founded in 2009, it aims to become the global business school on five continents. Its common international strategy is to train management leaders in the knowledge economy.


With 8000 students and 40 000 alumni, SKEMA Business School is a global school that trains the talents needed for 21st-century companies. It achieves this through research, innovative teaching and multi-site international campuses: 3 sites in France (Lille, Sophia-Antipolis, Paris), 1 in China (Suzhou), 1 in the United States (Raleigh) and 1 in Brazil (Belo Horizonte). SKEMA is accredited by EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA.

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The Global Opportunity Innovation Network 

In recent years, academic institutions have seen a growth in the field of Entrepreneurship and Innovation via academic programs, practical entrepreneurship programs, research and more. Students increasingly demand more entrepreneurship-related programs in both academia and extracurricular activities. Innovation and Entrepreneurship have become vital  for academic institutions' branding, student draw, research, industry-academia cooperation and much more. GO-IN makes it easy for entrepreneurship centers around the world to share ideas and offer the best programming possible to their communities.


Global Opportunity Innovation Network

The Global Opportunity Innovation Network (GO-IN)’s vision is to promote academic entrepreneurship centers and to assist them in reaching their full potential. GO-IN aims to improve the effectiveness of education globally via a shared innovation network.


Entrepreneurship & Innovation Centers

The Bengis Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation understands the importance and power of collaboration between entreprneurship centers around the world. To enable this cooperation, we've gathered detailed information regarding entrepreneurship centers in Europe and North America

GO-IN Solves a Major Problem

The nature of Entrepreneurship Education (EE) Centers, creates various, special challenges:


  • Goals – Promoting Innovation and Entrepreneurship can be challenging for an academic institution. Goals of EE centers tend to vary: promoting the creation of new startups or strengthening practical aspects in academic courses? focusing on new hands-on programs or promoting research?  

  • Strategy – Constructing a strategy to achieve one’s goals is as important as it is difficult. EE units share the same purpose, but take many different courses towards achieving it; which leads to sporadic events, not enough synergy with other units and organizations, non-optimal allocation of resources etc. This problem leads to low impact and failure to achieve the full potential of the unit.

  • Know-how – The field of EE, in its novelty and uniqueness, may present a general lack of know-how. More experienced EE units are familiar with many types of activities, strive to achieve different goals, posses the know-how necessary to create impact with small resources and enjoy a strong network. Less experienced units are learning from their own mistakes when they could be learning from others’

  • Network – Not unlike any other academic unit, EE centers tend to work alone or in limited cooperation with other units; moreover, new EE centers emerge quickly and are struggling to find their path.

Join us!

GO-IN was initiated by the Bengis Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation of the Guilford Glazer Faculty of Business and Management at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev , Israel. We are inviting partners to join this initiative and take part in the network creation.


If you are an EE unit in a leading academic institution, JOIN US and become a partner of the GO-IN initiative!


The GO-IN initiative will hold bi-annual networking events for its members to get together, learn from one another and promote themselves, thus enjoying the network while strengthening it.