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Why is The Challenge a great academic tool?

The Challenge is a great teaching tool that goes in line with the Case Studies method, a powerful student-centered teaching strategy that can impart students with critical thinking, communication, and interpersonal skills. Having students work through complex, ambiguous, real world problems engages students with the course material, encouraging them to “see it from an action perspective, rather than analyze it from a distance.”

Panel discussion as part of the Intel Challenge, June 2018

The finalists and other stakeholders at the final event of the Mercedes-Benz Challenge, February 2018

The finalists at the virtual final event of the Triple Bottom Line Challenge, June 2020

Why should you include The Challenge in your curriculum?

It's powerful and interesting, allowing for several assessments of the same situation.

It lacks an obvious or clear-cut right answer, giving the students the opportunity to be innovative.

It bridges the gap between theory and practice and between academia and the workplace.

It's relevant to various disciplines.

It gives students an opportunity to change the world and win prizes.


So how does it work?
Step One: Present The Challenge to your students

Check out our current Challenge HERE.

Step Twp: Have students submit their ideas to us

They will be asked to present the details of their idea and their class code. To get your code, scroll down for our short lecturer application form.

We will share all data submitted by your students with you when submission closes.

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