triple bottom line challenge 


Sulabh Shrestha
Computer Science

I am a programmer and a problem solver who will help with the technology side of things, looking for something related to the field of computing.

Yeshiva University
Roland Victor Agbogbo
Petroleum Geoscience
University of Ghana

I am an oil and gas engineer by background with great skills and knowledge of innovations. I am upgraded with the knowledge and innovative skill if petroleum geoscience and carbon capture and storage. I am interested in engineering, business or science related team. I am looking for a team of environmental scientists

John Warren Tamor
Development Communication

My major, BSc Development Communication, is a multidisciplinary field relating the disciplines of community development, communication, journalism and science. I am interested in a multitude of development issues especially environmental conservation, sustainable development and participatory development. Aside from my academic background, my practical skills includes design thinking, content creation, multimedia skills, research, and science communication.

University of the Philippines - Los Banos
Karol Marač
Vilnius University Business School

Looking for engineering, social sciences or IT students to support a project.


Video Dating in Isolation

My idea is an accessible way to solve the singles problem in isolation - VideoDate with getting-to-know-you games. 

Looking for an engineering student to help with app development.

Platform for Solving Deadstock 

UNBRAND is an online platform that provides a unique and environmentally friendly solution to the problem of deadstock and unsold clothes. unbrand runs a website that offers a platform for fashion brands to make deals with wholesalers from all over the world to sell their excess clothing (deadstock).

Looking for an engineering student to elp us set up a website to create user experiences, and make our distribution system simpler.

Dudu Avraham
Text-to-Audio for Blind Children

We will provide blind children a technology that allows them to scan text they receive in a classroom, for example, and process the text into an audio file so that they can understand the subject of the lesson and be active in it without the help of a staff member or teacher. Looking for engineering or management students.

Magbagong Buhay
(Idea TBD)

Looking for social sciences or programming students. A lot of dedication in programming/helping, much effort, passion for others and respect for diversity

App Development

Nyansapo is looking for engineering or software development students with experience in android app development. Knowledge in AI and in cloud computing will be a plus.