Engineering and Commerce Case Study Analysis

The first course in Israel to combine engineering and management problem-solving, and the first course at the university to belong simultaneously to two faculties.


Work throughout the course in teams of four students – 2 from management and 2 from engineering. Experience problem solving, form connections with industry representatives and get an intensive and enriching experience:


Practical problem solving

Less stress later in the semester

No exam

An opportunity to represent BGU in Canada!

Case Study Bootcamp | September 4th

We want to give you all a fair chance to take part in the course. Therefore we've created the case study Bootcamp - to see how you deal with challenges, time limitations and teamwork (but also, its fun!)


Take part in this amazing opportunity, to:

Learn the principles of establishing a start-up

Gain Knowledge and experience in professional presentations

Practice working under time-pressure ​

Two teams will win 2,000 NIS (per team)

Practice original and creative thinking

Learn to work in interdisciplinary teams

Bootcamp  Schedule

Individual Work
Come up with an idea for “data reimagined” following the logic of Intel's challenge. Submit your idea as a presentation of up to 4 slides (in English)  by 2.9 to:
The following are 3 aspects we want you to present:
  • The problem you chose to address (who is affected etc)

  • Your solution

  • Supporting evidence (research, references, links, etc.)

11:00 - Course overview  
11:30 - Bootcamp overview
Room 300
12:00 - Team up + Idea Selection
13:30 - Lecture: Lecture: How to formulate a winning idea
14:00 - Team work
15:30 - Lecture: Pitch your idea effectively
16:00 - Team work
Lobby / room 01 / room 02
18:00 - Presentations (Room 02)
20:00 - Announcing the winning teams (Room 300)

Eligibility to Participate




Engineering - 3rd / 4th-year students


Business - 2nd / 3rd- year (preference to 3rd-year students)



Engineering - Physics 1 & 2 (or equivalent)


Business - Marketing Principles

Business - Financing Basics (or equivalent)


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