Bengis' Ambassadors of Innovation

The ambassadors are a group of emerging leaders who champion innovation, foster engagement and build a culture of innovation. 


The ambassadors have the potential to facilitate innovation and create an immense impact in the ecosystems that they are part of.

Ambassadors of Innovation

facilitate innovation

expand your network

become a leader

make a change


The program, “Ambassadors of Innovation”, strives to utilize an important resource - our international students. The students, who come from all around the globe, have the potential to facilitate innovation and create an immense impact on the ecosystems they are part of. The ambassadors are a group of emerging leaders who champion innovation, foster engagement and build a culture of innovation.

The program is led by the Bengis Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at the Guilford Glazer Faculty of Business & Management in Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.


The role of the Ambassadors of Innovation

The ambassadors will facilitate the promotion of innovation in the ecosystem they are part of from within. Their strength is in the sense of belonging and a unique knowledge of the local culture and environment, not available to an outsider.

  1. An ambassador will analyze and learn the ways of the ecosystem and the acting players in their region - be it a hometown or, in some cases, an entire country.

  2. An ambassador will become a pivot point, a crossroads, for the different elements of the ecosystem. He or she will provide the platform necessary to spread ideas and create new connections in the network.

  3. An ambassador will offer ways to involve and educate the community in and around their campus about innovation and entrepreneurship.


The Benefits of Becoming an Ambassador

Becoming an active ambassador of innovation is a great opportunity for professional development and personal growth. An ambassador will gain valuable experience in leadership and a chance to expand their network and reach. Most importantly, an ambassador will truly be making a difference and leaving their mark.

  • An ambassador will become an important and integral part of their ecosystem and will attempt to lead it in the direction of their choosing. An ambassador will identify leading figures and pivotal events and bring unique activities to influence them.

  • A significant advantage one stands to gain from joining the program is the widening and strengthening of their network. Not only will they deepen the connections within their respective ecosystems, but they will also gain access to a whole new network of fellow ambassadors.

  • Members of the program can leave a mark on the world by becoming leaders, sharing knowledge and bringing change to their areas. 


Eligibility to Apply

In order to apply for the program, the candidate must be a student or researcher involved with programs cooperating with Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. The program is universal, therefore we’re looking for applicants from all around the world. Israeli students and young graduates are eligible to apply if they plan to relocate or live abroad for a period longer than three years.


How to become an Ambassador of Innovation

  1. The first step towards becoming an innovation ambassador is filling out and submitting an online application. We’re looking for candidates with past experience with the promotion of entrepreneurship.

  2. Our reviewing committee will conduct online meetings with promising candidates to further evaluate how they can promote innovation.

  3. Selected candidates will be asked to map and analyze their local ecosystem and will be assigned an entrepreneurship-related project .  The applicants will present their results upon arrival to Israel.

  4. The students behind the four leading projects will become innovation cadets and undergo the Ambassador of Innovation basic training.


The Program

The program is promoted by the Bengis Center as a standalone project and is separate from other academic frameworks led by us. During the course of the program, the cadets will receive the following materials:

  1. Lectures and workshops 

    • Two lectures on ecosystems, how ecosystems are formed and ways to strengthen them.

    • Two additional lectures, designed to provide the cadets with a toolkit on building entrepreneurship-related activities.

  2. A group workshop as well as individual meetings during which we will teach the future ambassadors how to build useful resources and materials to promote innovation in their regions.

  3. An official graduation ceremony in which the cadets will be appointed as provisional Ambassadors of Innovation.


Commitment to the Program

In order to be certified as an active Ambassador of Innovation, one would have to meet all the following requirements within the first year:

  • Hold an introductory event within 3 months of returning to their home areas.

  • Hold at least one conference, with a minimum of 4 elements of their ecosystem among the participants.

  • Document all the activities and send them to an appointee on our end.

An ambassador will keep his or her title as long as they remain active and meet the following criteria:

  • Every year, the ambassador will lead at least 2 meaningful events to promote innovation.

  • All events will be documented (videos, photos, etc.) and uploaded to a dedicated website.

Our Ambassadors

Gloriana Jimenez

Gloriana Jiménez

Universidad de Costa Rica

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Rayvon Dean

Rayvon Dean

Wake Forest University, Michigan

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